23 October 2003

It's a New World...Prepare to be Annoyed....

Here I am, bastards.

Was talking to a friend last night who explained that he had become a dork, reading up on a bunch of people's weblogs (or "blogs", as they are known in the "trade") in his down time. I decided to one-up him, become a total douchebag, and start my own.

Why? Anyone who knows me knows I am a writer. I need this. I need you to read the fluff that flows through my head on a daily basis. I need you to comment on it. I need to fight you if you disagree with me. These are things I need. I must have this outlet. I'm not sure why I didn't do it sooner. The thought that I have missed time intrigues and upsets me. I have things to say.

So I will say them. I hope you agree with me sometimes. I REALLY hope you get pissed sometimes, because if you don't offend people every once in a while, life gets damn boring. Mostly, I hope I just make you think. There is not enough good thinking done in this world. I happen to like my ideas, so I will share them with you. If you ask, I will elaborate. If you disagree, great, but I'll tell you why I think you're wrong.

People ask me all the time why I always think I'm right. What a stupiud question. If you don't think you're right, if you don't think your ideas are the correct ones and your assumptions are based on great analysis, why have a fucking opinion on anything? If you believe something, don't be a pussy about it--believe you are right. There's a fine lline that you have to straddle, however, between believing you're right and knowing you're right. The key is to think you've got all the answers but know full well you could be dead wrong on every fucking one.

I'm rambling already. I tend to do that. I will post a lot of thoughts here, people, because there are a lot stuck in my gigantic melon head.

This is only the beginning....