30 January 2004

Can I Share a Few Things With You Guys? Thanks.


--Here is a pet peeve of mine.

Let's say we are talking politics. I offer an opinion on the issues facing the election. My opinion is based on facts which I have applied practically to a situation(s). Someone offers a reply to my opinions with, "So? If you don't like so-and-so, tough. There are problems everywhere." I reply, "These problems need fixed and I'm offering my opinion on how that might be done." The person replies with, "Maybe you should fix yourself."


1) This person has offered no opinion, but merely veiled hints to the fact that they disagree with you.
2) This person later states they are keeping their opinions to themselves.
3) They have resorted to a personal attack.

If you can't hold a civil conversation and/or you don't know what the hell you're talking about, shut the f*ck up.

--Does anyone watch Tru Calling on Fox? Me either. However, because it is Eliza Dushku (sorry for the awful pic on IMDb, not my fault), possibly my future wife if Kristin Kreuk turns me down, I always end up watching the commercials on TV. If you haven't seen any of the commercials, the premise is that Tru works in a morgue. Every now and then, one of the dead people talks to her and she finds that she can help them go back in time and prevent themselves from being killed. Hey, it's Fox.

Now in the first trailer for the first episode, she's pulling the cadaver drawer out and a dead chick opens her eyes, turns her head to Tru, and says, "Help me." Tru jumps back and screams, understandably. Well, now we're on Week Six or Seven of the show. Every trailer shows her pulling someone's drawer out, the person looking at her and saying, "Help me," and her jumping back and screaming.

Does this bother anyone else? After the first two or three, when you've figured out you have this "gift", don't you just pull the drawer open expecting this to happen? Does she always have to be shocked? I don't get it.

Incidentally, a year or so ago one of my buddies saw her in a Blockbuster. I asked how she looked, and he shot back this Hall of Fame Answer: "Hot with a 70% chance of dirty."

--Did anyone see any of the interviews on ESPN with John Elway at the SuperBowl festivities? Can someone get him the 800 number for Rogaine? I can't watch Johnny Football disintegrate like this. It's like watching Diane Lane get a little more wrinkly every few months. Someone make this stop.

--This is setting up as the best Real World Season ever. Truly. In the first four episodes you've had chicks kissing, a fight over a racial slur, a rape flashback, a chick who has a crippling phobia of large boats basically cheat drunkenly on her boyfriend twice (once vomiting in her sleep), a drunk housemate saying, "Boom, Bazooka Joe, man," two people fail a sailing test, a guy taking his d*ck out and two people getting arrested. It's like they went down to Mardi Gras, found all the people in the drunk tank, then put them on the show with a smart black kid who doesn't drink and a really, really boring hot Asian girl. I love it. And did you know that they might not be able to pull off Real World Philadelphia, which is next? Apparently, there was an alleged rape in the San Diego house (not involving any of the castmembers but one of their friends and a random person) and Bunim-Murray doesn't yet know their responsibility for the event.

The kids of Real World Paris gotta be pissed, man.

On a sad note, Mary Ellis Bunim, the co-creator of Real World, died this afternoon after a battle with breast cancer.

--As many of you are aware, I drive the New Hottness (the extra "t" is for the extra "Tang" I pull whilst driving it), a 1996 White Ford Escort Wagon. This week my father, who has owned more cars than the Sultan of Brunei, went out and bought a 1996 White Subaru Impreza Wagon. You should see us drive up to places together. People expect us to get out in matching suits with synchronized watches. And yes, I know it's adorable.

--Dennis Miller's co-host on his new CNBC show this week was a Chimpanzee. God, I love this guy.

--Saw Jennie Garth on some show as I was flipping channels tonight. On UPN. Jennie is apparently taking roles based on the Get Yourself Out Of High-Paying, High-Profile Jobs Fast So You Can Go Directly To the Lifetime Channel and Possibly Oxygen Network Handbook by Meredith Baxter-Birney with Foreward by Kirk Cameron.

--My b*lls itch. There, I fixed it.

--OK, I found something: having your manager call you and tell you they don't need you for your shift at American Eagle is almost as joyous as hearing that you have a Two Hour Delay with Modified Kindergarten because of snow. Basically, I hate working and I want it to go away.

--Honestly, really, your life is not complete until you have visited The Badger Song Site. Many thanks to Pledge Herald Miller for the link. Hint: It's on a loop. You will never be the same. Thank me later.

All for now. Check back when I have a real cause to write about.