03 May 2005

...Even Though You Never Really Left


So the three of you that clicked on the link on my (former) website have been directed right back here. There're a few reasons I'm reverting to Blogger.

First off, I had (have) very little time to update. It's not because I'm important or I'm doing something important or because I'm sick or because of any other reasons than I try to keep myself busy with other things. I do work, but barely, and anyone who knows me could tell you that takes up very little of my time. Just...I try to keep busy, and only a very small portion of that busy time (say 5-7 hours per day) is relegated to masturbation. All that said, why continue to spend $10 per month?

Second, my computer is a fat little wh*re. It's dumb and slow and stupid and it takes me FOREVER to get into the little Yahoo! SiteBuilder (TM) application and actually move sh*t around, think up a post, then move more sh*t around and take the twenty minutes it needs to upload it all. Blogger has this nice little website template that lets me come in and do stuff whenever I want. It's easier and my computer can handle it.

But lastly the whole venture just became too much for me. When I did post I tried to add stuff to all the little sections, which would have been fun if I were in college and had the motivation and inclination to keep up with it all. Well, I have neither of those things. And when it got right down to it, the reason I started this blog was so I could write stuff, not put up a bunch of pictures and get myself in trouble with lawyers from MoPo Productions. Not to say that wasn't fun from time to time - I would just rather keep it simple and keep up with the writing. Plus, it's apparently easier now to drop pictures into your posts on Blogger, so if I ever need to do that I will.

As far as an update, the last two months have actually been pretty stressful, and going back to the small, uncorrputed blog is all a part of my general plan to deconstruct for a while. It's always important to remember that I'm generally an idiot who does dumb things (seemingly for a living), but recently there have been a rash of people that have done idiot things around me that have caused the stress. None of the issues were big enough to fuss over individually, but compounded together all at the same time...and yeah, I just need a breather. And to get back to the simpler climes.

So that's where I stand. I'm fine and dandy otherwise and life is still a peach, even if I bit into the pit for a little while there. By the way, the "geoff@goosetownusa.com" email address will no longer be valid as of the last of the month, so you can instead reach me here, here or here, and if you're lucky enough to know my cell phone number you can dial that on up. Oh, and also, go here to access my page on MySpace, which I've chosen just recently over Friendster. Use it in case you know me and you're my friend, you know me but we've been out of touch for a while, you don't know me and want to know me for some unGodly reason, or you hate me and want to stalk and/or murder me.

I'll post something of worth very soon. Until then, Vaya con Petrol.