07 April 2004

My First Post From the Land of PseudoHardee's


L.A. f*cking rocks. I recall it as being different than the last time I was here, but then again, I was much younger back then, with a different thought process and a narrower view of the world. But no matter.

Jesus there's a ton I could talk about. I saw the Santa Monica Pier for the first time. If I ever get homesick for the rednecks and ignorance of York, PA, I can always head down there. Malibu is amazing, and apparently even more so than I saw, but we were not permitted to drive onto Pepperdine's campus to check out the ladies. We were supposed to go to a real Hollywood Celebrity-packed club my second night here, but never made it, and that's OK with me. Pretty soon I will be a t-shirt wearing member of the Wednesday Night World Dive Bar Tour with some people from the studio, and that should pretty much be all I need. Some random stuff:

--People told me and I kinda dismissed it, but it's true: no one f*cking walks here for a g*ddamn thing. Really. I walked for 2.2 miles from the place where I'm staying to the studio at which I'm working the other night and passed two people on the sidewalk. It's amazing. It's f*cking 65-70 degrees here all the time, sunny as hell, beautiful, and people are packed into their SUV's. Also, the ones that have convertibles don't even have the tops down for the most part. It's insanity.

--The weather is odd in the regard that it's a non-humid warmth and for most of the day you can be equally comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts or jeans and a jacket. Very strange. I used to watch TV where people would be in LA and they'd be wearing jackets and I'm like, "Why? It's 70 there all the damn time." Now I get it. However, at some points of the day the sky is cloudless and it's just hot, and these people have to accessorize and keep their jackets on. Jesus Christ.

--This really bothers me: there is a chain of burger places out here called Carl's Jr. But it's a f*cking Hardee's. I'm telling you. Same stuff on the outside (that weird little smiling Chineseish star guy thing), same food on the inside. One East Coast name, one West Coast name. Give me a motherf*cking break. It's a f*cking Hardee's. Jesus. Carl's Jr. my ass.

--In what was possibly the apex of my personal life, I went to a taping of The Price Is Right yesterday. It was everything I could have dreamed it would be and more. In fact, the experience was so superb that I feel compelled to complete an entry about it tomorrow. Check back then, you won't want to miss this.

All for now. Really, the Price Is Right Story is phenomenal. I didn't win anything, but trust me on this.