29 July 2012


Do you need some stuff? Like a new computer, or an awesome TV, or boner-inducing barstools? Holy shit, are you in luck then. Because I'm selling those things!

If you see anything you like and know me, or want to ask questions, you know how to get a hold of me. If not, email me at goosetown (at)gmail(dot)com.

The first thing up on the block is the 2008 version of the MacBook Air. It's the 13.3"/80GB SSD version. It kicks ass. It's used, obviously, but it's in terrific condition, has been returned to factory settings (so it starts up like new without any of my porn on it), and comes with the box and includes everything that came along with it. It weighs like as much as two paperclips (science fact) and is a MacBook in Ultrabook form in every way. It was close to $2,100.00 new, but I'm only asking $650.00 for it. I am an extremely nice fellow. Here are pictures:

I'm willing to ship this one anywhere within the US or Canada for free including insurance.

Next two are only for local (Los Angeles area) pickup:

First off, this lovely Vizio 50" LED TV. I know what you're thinking - "Ew, Vizio." And you know what? You're an asshole for thinking that. This TV has one hell of a picture. Plus it's got WiFi and Vizio Apps, which include Netflix and Amazon Streaming and Hulu and a bunch of other shit. It comes with its remote, which has a full, slide-out Qwerty keyboard. This was bought just a couple of years ago for about $1500. I am asking a mere $400 for it because, like I said before, I'm one hell of a swell guy. Here's a picture of the TV showing THE ILLUSIONIST:

Like I've been forced to tell every female in my life...trust me, it's bigger than it looks. And no, I am not including the soundbar, you greedy prick.

Lastly, a set of three really nice barstools that have barely been used and don't really have a place in my new apartment. They're made of...some kind of brushed metal. They're extremely comfortable and are 30" from floor to seat. They look heavy, and they kind of are, but they're more sturdy than anything. These were bought just about two years ago for $75-80 apiece. I'll sell you one for $50 or all three for $100. Your ass will thank the shit out of you. Though not literally - that would not only be gross and unfortunate but would likely ruin the stool. A picture:

Those are the things I have to sell. Come at me.