24 October 2003

Lions and Tigers and Religious Zealots, Yay!

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Another case of Bible Belters trying to decide what is good for the masses. Before you get into my rant, take a second to read and consider the platform of Valley Family Forum, detailed in this Daily News Record article.

Here is my response. Should they decide to answer me, I'll post it here.

>>I came across your "cause" when I read an article in The Daily News Record. As a JMU student for four years and former member of the Valley community, I was a little more than disappointed to hear of your "efforts".

To say the least, they sicken me.

How about we try this: instead of lobbying to have certian literature--which is only offensive to SOME, mind you--removed from store shelves, the whole of your group take on a little bit of what is called "personal responsibility" and simply avoid those racks or resist the temptation to patronize such dens of iniquity. Or would that be asking too much, for you to make a personal choice, as opposed to attempting to make a choice for everyone?

This may come as somewhat of a newsflash to you folks, but not everyone in the Valley is a Christian. That in mind, some people have a different idea of what "moral" might be. Do not attempt to speak for what is best for the community. If you could each simply handle making your own decisions for yourself and refuse to worry about what others do, you'd be another step ahead in life.

See, there's this little diddy called the First Ammendment. I would explain it to you, but you seem to be pretty versed in what is not . So take what you believe, reverse it, and you'll have the real meaning of what our "forefathers intended".

What to do then, you might ask? Well, it's really kinda easy: if you don't like a magazine cover, don't look at it. If you disagree with a store selling it, don't shop there. If you don't want your kids to see a slightly-clothed woman, act like a parent and don't let them walk near the offensive piece of material. I'm not kidding--it's just that simple. Then you don't have to spend all your time trying to tell the rest of us what is appropriate or what isn't...you can just make the right choice for yourself and be happy, unconcerned about the rest of us, who probably already have chair with our name on it right next to Satan himself, right?

There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. Nothing. Zero. The problem with zealot religious groups--such as your own--is that you feel everyone should only express one opinion...yours. Though it may be tough to hear, not as many people think as you'd like them to. Many people disagree with your views. I would point out the fact that Christianity is on a sharp decline in the United States, both in subscription of new members and in overall public opinion. Perhaps it's because of "fights" like this one?

Something to ponder...


Geoff LaTulippe<<

Damn these people bother the hell out of me.