28 July 2005



Because every g*ddamned hit I get now is from sick, horny b*stards like yourself looking for pictures of this woman, I am going to help you out. That last link actually ended up being a link to a Playboy Cybersomethingorother that wanted to make you pay for pictures. I'll take the blame for that even though there was supposed to be a free preview, my apologies. However there is a new site that's hosting them totally free, so for the Diora Baird Playboy pictorial go here. And thanks to whoever that guy is.

This was funny, though. My meager little blog, which sees about 50 hits on a good day, was picked up by everyone who had the capacity to type "Diora Baird Playboy pictures" into a search engine and resulted in my hit counter topping 300/day for like four days. Of course I doubt anyone stayed very long; nonetheless it was exciting.

That's all - it's my roommate Rainbow's (don't ask) 25th B-day this weekend and Staci from JMU is visiting so hopefully there should be some shenanigans to post about next week...and hopefully they'll involve the Karaoke Ninja.