22 November 2006



Body: So I've been in LA for almost three years now. For almost all of that time I've been pretending to be a writer, and now I figure is the time to do something about that. So I'm going to stop pretending.

I'm staying in LA over Thanksgiving to little other than write. I will be writing a screenplay. It will be good. It will be twisted. And I need some help.

Have you ever been to a movie where two people in a relationship are having a fight, and you know that either of them could say one PERFECT thing that would win them the fight or make their point...and they never say it? I hate that. And I want to avoid it.

I want you to email me excerpts of fights you've had with your significant other. It doesn't have to be verbatim, and besides, no matter what you send me I'm going to shake it up and put my own spin on it anyway. One-liners, great insults, dropped bombs - anything that sticks out in your head as a really classic throw-down. But what I want even more than that is for you to tell me what you WISH you had said at the time, that one last "F*ck You" that would have won you the row, signed sealed and delivered.

Air it all out for me. I want the dirty laundry. Send your best to goosetown@gmail.com when you have a second this week. If your quip ends up in my screenplay you'll get nothing...but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you finally told that b*tch/assh*le off.