05 November 2003

An Open Message to PETA...I F*cking Hate Your Organization

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I have wanted to post about this for a while, but haven't had the time recently. Well here I go!

Do you ever get into arguments with these animal rights people? Are they some of the most insane CauseHeads in the entire world? I'm not talking about those people that want to see criminal charges brought up against people who abuse their pets--they should be locked up. I'm also not talking about the people who oppose and protest the testing of dangerous chemicals on animals so we can have a silkier feel to our shampoo--that shouldn't be allowed either. I myself find circuses to be detestable, outdated attractions that should be shut down at all costs. PETA supports all of these causes. So why do I hate them so?

PETA--The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals--has gone from being an animal-activist watchdog group to a hippie infested, political and sociogastric lobbying machine of Neo-Aesopic robots. Check out their website and look at their causes. They hide behind their noble, original intentions of animal protection to mask their real concern...spreading their "Vegans rule" propaganda. Things have gone completely out of hand. The main problem with PETA is that their organization is made up largely of idealistic young people who are so engrossed with their belief system that they feel the need to force it on everyone. And they will stop at no cost to subject our society to their cause.

Consider a few of their more prominent "causes" in the last few years:

1) A 1996 campaign that called for a boycott of the Green Bay Packers, as the name "Packers" refers to meat packing and is therefore insensitive to animals. PETA demanded they change their name to one five selected nomers, including the "Pickers".

2) Their 2000 "Beer is better than Milk" campaign, in which they argued that beer was a better overall nutritional value than dairy products.

3) A 1995 campaign in which PETA "operatives" protested and then vandalized a pharmaceutical lab that was forcibly breaking the legs of puppies and infant chimpanzees to test a new drug.

The first two of these are harmless on a social scale and can be laughed off. The Mayor of Green Bay actually held a press conference in which he laughed at PETA, for as we all know, asking Green Bay to boycott the Packers would be about as effective as asking Mariah Carey to boycott insanity. The "Beer No Milk" campaign can be seen as little more than Vegan zealots attempting to speak for the whole of society instead of just doing what is good for themselves. One might compare these PETA members to many Southern Baptists...most just want to see their cause have a voice, while the few radical members that make up the leadership and are most vocal shove their views down America's throat.

But when you look at the last cause, the objective seems justified. Who wants to see poor little puppies and chimps harmed in the name of a large pharmaceutical company? It's barbaric, intolerant, and the firm deserved what it got.

Or did they?

The fact is, the medicine being tested on the furry critters was nearing the completion of FDA approval. The procedures were medically structured, mechanical, clean breaks done only once the animal had been anesthetized. The drug being tested was (and is still, thankfully) being touted as a possible cure for Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a debilitating, crippling disease faced by thousands of newborns each year all over the world. The disease causes the skeletal structure to develop at a very weak pace, resulting in a brittle bone density that lasts throughout life. The reason the puppies and chimps were used for tests was that scientists and researchers found their bone DNA and density to be most comparable to that of human infants. This ensured that the tests would provide the most reliable data without compromising the health of any humans.

Now I ask this: though certainly no one wants to see puppies get their legs broken, if you are taking only a few puppies out of millions for the testing, is that not worth it? I think if my kid were born with such a disease, I would eschew my melancholy feelings for those puppies in favor of a possible cure. And this is the basic problem with PETA. They refuse to see the big picture.

Stick to causes that matter. If a few puppies have to be sacrificed for the human race to better itself, hey, I'm all for it. People come first in my book. What PETA did was destroy years of data and research and the lab basically had to start over from Square One.

PETA and other vergetarian/vegan groups also tend to twist science in their favor. They are notorious for paying independent scientific firms to find ANY evidence contrary to popular theories of evolution, a geohistorical food chain, or the fact that humans have carnivorous tendencies. If you try to debate them on this, they bring up "Facts" about the history of the world that can be refuted by the simplest of elementary school textbooks. Why? These people cannot fathom that anyone would want to believe something to the contrary, and moreover refuse to accept that fact. They always claim that if we really wanted to eat animals, we should go out and catch them with our bare hands. I say we've just invented a less time-consuming way to process our meat.

I recall a debate I had with one Zealot, to whom I brought up the topic of the Lab Trashing. As is the typical style of these activists, they resort to Poisoning the Well or ad absurdium logical fallacies, but this chick was absolutely off her rocker. She made a claim that I was "looking for any excuse to kill an animal". I replied by simply saying, "If faced with the roadway decision of plowing over a squirrel or running your car full-on into a tree, I hope you choose wisely."

This is her response to that reply, word for word, and I wish I were making this up:

>>"Some accidents can't be helped. I drive responsibly and at a good pace that things like that I see much ahead of when I will encounter them. I guess I can presume most dead animals hit such as deer were hit by ignorant people like you who drive fanatically. That type in so much of a rush that you endanger many people even on the road because you want to pass someone by and get to the place you are going quickly. To kill another living thing just for your impatience is so inhumane."<<

Unfortunately, this is the mental state of many of these activists, and they overshadow the people who really are trying to protect animals. Therefore, instead of actually helping to secure Rights for our nonhuman friends, they set themsleves back years.

There's really nothing we can do as part of the Sane sector of society, as these people deserve every chance and right to express their views as they see fit. Probably best to just let them vent and sit back and laugh at them with the rest of the world, but every once in a while I like to point out just how idiotic I think they are.

On that note, I shall be enjoying chicken wings for lunch today.